Hi there I recently bought Caribbeantan, I just want to let you guys know that you are doing an amazing job. Your product is the first that give me exactly the look I want, and definitely the first that doesnt make any lines or marks the day after. Its a natural healthy tan look and it makes me feel sexy in gym every morning.
Anri Loots

I have tried out so many self tanning products over the years, but could never find the perfect natural looking colour I seek. I bought my first bottle of Caribbean Tan Spritzer (B) last year! What a wonderful product! Now I can have the perfect natural golden tan all year round without the sun damage! Well done!
D van Dijk

I’ve tried all self tans and this is the only one that works for me. I apply every week and I seriously panicked after my last can ran out. Superstar u :)
Julie Shuttleworth

Just wanted to let you know….. bought your product at Clicks and set aside last night for my Caribbean Tan. Very impressed
It’s easy to apply – fantastic and may I add natural colour. Did not take forever to dry!!!!
I love it and I am sure that this product will add value to our pageant!!!!!
Tina Pienaar

Please could you help me, I have fallen in love with the Shimmer Cream Product from the Caribbean Tan range, Where can I find it?
Thanking you in advance
Kind Regards,
Karen Taylor

I am a Fitness Model / Dancer and have been using The Caribbean Instant Spray tan for over a year now. I use the Instant tan C and Im loving it,
Michelle Israel

I absolutely love this product and I’ve used it many times before with no problem
My best

I am a huge supporter of Caribbean tan products. I buy 1-2 bottles every month, even in winter

On a recent visit to South Africa I bought a couple of bottles of Caribbean tan as my sister swears by it! I think your product is absolutely fantastic and gives a lovely natural colour to the skin. Are there any stores in the UK that stock the Caribbean Tan self tan products/ range?
Lee Pearson

My name is Kristie and i’m beauty tech in Australia. I’ve always used Caribbean tanning solution as it is far superior to the stuff we get here.

I’ve purchased the Caribbean Tan (Tanning Mousse), used it and delighted with the results.
Coral Louw

I have been a loyal supporter of the Caribbean Tan products ever since i purchased my first bottle before an ocean cruise last year. Skin cancer runs in my genes and i therefore cannot tan naturally and am always on the lookout for a healthy alternative to harmful UV rays. I tried other products in the USA when i moved over there for a while, and could never find a self tanner to rival it. I like to make sure my skin is healthy and protected at all times, which of course the product allows me to do while maintaining a “healthy” glow that looks so amazing in my photographs and on-screen. I also have recommended the product to many of the models I work with during make-up and modeling jobs- both here in SA, and abroad.
Bronwyn Kaye

I would just like to say that I love the caribbean tan range as it is the first product I have found that doesn’t leave me streaky and the colour suits me really well. I am constantly using tanning products as I work in the promotions industry.
Ashleigh Vorster

I would just like to commend you on your wonderful product range.
I used to love being professionally sprayed at a salon with your product as I found the colour very natural and durable, but sometimes I did not have time. I purchased the Vichy, Dior and Guerlain self-tan products for such instances, so I was thrilled when you launched your DIY products at Clicks and have been a regular user of your Caribbean Tan Spritzer – it is a great product and my new product of choice.

I am a very big fan of Caribbean tan.
I use the spritzer gradual tan, the tan X-tender intense body butter and recently I bought the body shimmer cream. I absolutely love the range and have even got 4 of my friends using the product.
Kat Ross