Tanning Tips for Hands and Feet

Everybody LOVES a good self tan. Mastering the ultimate glow can take some practice, but there is nothing more rewarding than turning a few heads while showing off your bronzed body. Follow our expert tanning tips for hands and feet for the most exquisite glow all year round.

Before we get started, let’s get the number 1 rule of a successful self tan out of the way – ruba dub dub, scrub in the tub! Basically, what we are trying to say is ALWAYS exfoliate at least 1 day before you self tan.

Step 1

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve already spoken about exfoliating your body, but make sure to pay special attention to both your hands and feet. These areas are especially important as they have skin that is of a tougher nature than the rest of the body. Always make sure to get in between the webs of those fingers and toes too.

Hot side note alert:  Our Coconut and Cinnamon exfoliator is perfect for this with its tiny brown sugar granules that remove dead skin cells, allowing for the perfect canvas.

Step 2

Once freshly exfoliated, use Vaseline as a barrier for the nails to prevent soaking up any self tan. Make sure that you smooth this over the entire nail.

Step 3

Always make sure to tan your hands and feet last, after applying to your body. Avoid tanning your hands and feet individually as this will result in an unnatural look. When tanning your hands and feet, make sure to only use the EXCESS of your tanner (from your mitt) and wipe over the top of your hands and feet only. Never apply to the palms of your hands and souls of the feet as the skin is tougher and will result in a splotchy unnatural colour – which nobody likes!

Step 4

Make sure to rub the excess of your tanner into the webs of your fingers and toes in order to create an all round even tan. Bend your hands to make a fist when spreading over knuckles in order to get those wrinkly parts of the knuckles.

Step 6

After your tan has dried, rub lotion around wrists and backs of hands to blend in with arms. Rub lotion around ankles and the tops of your feet to blend in with legs. Rubbing the hands and feet with lotion will lighten the effect of the tanner for a more natural look.

Well, there we have it – a few tanning tricks and tips from the experts at Caribbean Tan. Happy tanning!