Tanning Mitts Matter Too!

Every blonde needs a brunette best friend, right?

Well, with that being said, every bottle of tanner needs a tanning mitt best friend too!

Think about it: A tanning mitt and a bottle of tanner go hand in hand (excuse the pun).

We all know the number one rule for the perfect tan is to prep your body, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Why should our tanning mitts be any different? We should treat our mitts as we would our skin, surely? Although, we shouldn’t exfoliate our mitts as such, but rather give them a clean that is a little more gentle.

Mitts are super low maintenance. To keep it clean, all you have to do is HANDWASH under warm water to remove excess tanner. While the tanner is being removed by the water, the fibres of the mitt will experience a clean too. Be sure to use warm water rather than hot, as this will prevent damaging the mitt.

Adding soap can also help remove those tougher stains, but refrain from using any soap with harsh chemical ingredients. The last thing we would want to do is damage our mitts.

After your mitt has been washed, allow for it to dry out in open air rather than in a tumble dryer as this could damage or shrink it.

Occasionally, the mitts might need to be re-shaped after being cleaned. Make sure to reshape it while it is wet and allow for it to dry in its reformed shape.

Remember: Mitts need to be cleaned in order to better the application of your tan. A clean mitt means a more beautiful and strikingly radiant tan.

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Photo Cred: carafay.co.za