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Caribbean Tan Cinnamon & Coconut smoothing exfoliator

carribean tan exfoliator

Everyone who’s tried self-tan before knows that it can be a risky business… no one wants to walk around uber-orange, patchy or peeling right?? Well I recently discovered the secret of self-tan…. and it’s not even self-tan at all. It’s exfoliating!! Yes, to ensure a long-lasting, un-patchy self-tan you need to spend some time prepping the surface of your skin to be able to soak up the product and leave you looking lush for much longer! This Cinnamon and Coconut concoction from Carribbean Tan is certainly one of the best! A natural sugar exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells to create the perfect canvas for your tan, this is infused with jojoba oil. It’s easy to use in the shower, adds extra nourishment and moisture to your skin and smells completely delicious! If you’re a fan of self-tan invest in this now. (R49.95)

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