Beach Bag Must Haves!

Popping down to the beach is an everyday activity during those summer months of sunshine and holiday bliss! Something that should never leave your side while frolicking across sandy shores is your beach bag and all its necessities!

We have put a list together of our favorite beach bag must haves, revealing our top 5 summer staples to help you enjoy those sunshiny days.

Top of our list is sunscreen, which is a no-brainer. Nobody likes a red lobster, so lathering up in sun protectant is an absolute must while those sunshine rays are out to play! A great one to try is the Caribbean Tan Protection in a Can (only available in South Africa) for its non-messy formula and easy to use spray nozzle.

Number two on our list is a massive towel. Not only for yourself, but it’s always handy to carry a spare. Why not make a friend’s day in case they have forgotten theirs? Let’s face it, we all have days like those!

Sunglasses have made third on the list. Let’s face it, a squinting face in the sun isn’t the most attractive. Also, sunglasses help in covering and protecting the sensitive eye area from the sun. Wrinkles are never a girl’s best friend, never mind that, wearing a pair of trendy sunnies will have you looking and feeling the part on the beach on a bright summer’s day. Who wouldn’t want that?Sunscreen Big TowelSunnies

Speaking about being a trendy beach goer, an oversized floppy hat goes hand in hand with a fabulous pair of sunglasses. We’re a huge fan of an oversized hat – one big enough to cover the neck and shoulders. This offers extra protection against the sun as well as a trendy relaxed, yet sophisticated beach style – bonus!

Big sunhat

Lastly, and possibly most importantly (beside the sunscreen) we have a few healthy snacks on the list. Let’s face it – we all LOVE food! Plenty of water and a few homemade snacks will be sure to brighten any day of fun. We love fresh fruit for our summer beachy days, a few almonds or yoghurt dipped dates. How scrumptious!

Well, there you have it, our beach bag must haves for this summer. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see what you have in yours.

Happy beaching!