A magical year sailing around the Caribbean Islands inspired the creation of Caribbean Tan. First launched in 2003 as a professional spray tan system in South Africa, it quickly became a trusted brand known for its great natural looking color!  The “DIY” retail range followed in 2007 allowing customers to get beautifully bronzed in the comfort of their own homes.  Our sunless tanning products contain both DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) the active ingredient in all self-tanning products as well as Erythrulose which works together with DHA to ensure a longer lasting tan that fades evenly. Increased awareness about the dangers of sun exposure and the banning of sunbeds in some States makes self tan products the obvious alternative!

Caribbean Tan includes both a “DIY” retail range for home use and a professional range of products that is applied by therapists in salons.

Caribbean Tan is manufactured by Cosmetix (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa. We are proud to say that we are that we are the Best Selling Self Tan product in South Africa!