Choosing the Right Product


An instant tan is best suited if you want an immediate effect for a night out or special event. The immediate colour is a ‘superficial’ tan but still contains all the ingredients of a gradual product. ┬áThe active ingredients start creating the actual tan underneath the ‘superficial tan’ within 1 – 2 hours. After the first shower, the superficial colour will wash off and you will be left with the longer-lasting tan that was underneath.


A clear solution so you will not see an initial difference. Your tan will start developing after an hour or two and continue to develop over 8 hours. The benefit is that possible overspray is prevented. It also has the benefit of feeling light and non-sticky on the skin.

A, B, or C?

Choose the colour that best represents the actual colour of your skin. So the colour you are, NOT the colour you want to be. Choosing the correct product for your skin type will ensure that you get a natural looking tan and eliminates the risk of turning orange.

Remember to exfoliate before you apply your tan to ensure a smooth even tan.

All Caribbean Tan products are quick drying and give a natural bronze tan that can last for up to 10 days with the correct maintenance.